This is the page where you can learn about the projects we are working on.




Lucien B Maxwell was the 2015-2016 Eagle Factory Robotics FTC Team #10355 robot which the team built over the course of several months, took to a Troop 26 Webelos Outdoor Weekend campout, and used to compete in both a regional and super-regional FTC competition, ranking 5th at the regional competition and 13th at the super-regional. Lucien is named after the man who once owned the Maxwell Land Grant, known today as Philmont Scout Ranch since Waite Phillips purchased the land and later donated it to the Boy Scouts of America. Lucien B Maxwell (the robot) is designed to be able to climb a mountain and hang from a bar at the top. We had difficulty anticipating how reliably we would be able to complete this task due to the fact that we did not have the funds or space to obtain a playing field to use in practice. We are hoping to overcome this problem in the future by creating more partnerships with companies who will help us obtain the funds we need. Overall, Lucien helped us to have a great first year of FTC.



was built in the 2016-2017 season. For Project Peacock #10355. It has a launcher it also has pads all around the robot to hit the beacons from any side. This robot can easily score 100+ points in one round. It can shoot particles in the central vortex with its launcher, it can also hit both beacons in autonomous and have one wheel on the corner vortex.